“Steve & Uncle Bill, we are VERY GRATEFUL for having the opportunity to work with you guys!  Because of your availability to serve we've been able to do an English camp like we have only just dreamed about.  We are very thankful that you let yourselves be used by the Lord in the lives of high school students.  We had 83 high school students attend the day camp and 74 of them came every day.  Ninety percent (90%) of them had never held a Bible passage in their hands and read it until the camp. They had a great time learning English, playing games and acquiring new friendships; but more than anything, they heard about and experienced God's love for them and learned that it is important to read and study His Word.  Now 25 of them are coming to our weekly English club and some have started to read the Bible in their free time.  Others say they would like to be involved in a Bible study group and some even said they want to get to know Jesus personally.  You opened a door for us that we hadn't been able to open until now.  We are happy that we can discuss with them about God in a natural way (even from the beginning) and that wasn't happening before the camp.  So we are beyond grateful to the Lord for sending you here to Bucharest.”

Then it was on to Chisinau, MOLDOVA for a one-week English Club among mostly university students with about 10 high schoolers also attending.  Uncle Bill was challenged teaching a group of 10-12 beginners each night while Steve taught about 35 students divided into four discussion groups.  A local American missionary couple helped lead two of the discussion groups.  During the day we had the privilege of speaking in local high school English classes and also giving a seminar at one of the universities on "volunteering."  Two local CRU staff members, CORNELIA & MASHA, talked about the EC.

“I, Cornelia, met with Ana, Diana and Loredana after the EC.  They are three Christian girls in 11th grade who came to our EC in February.  They saw our advertisement on Facebook.  Ana told me that she wanted to invite other friends but because this EC was organized by Christians she was afraid that her friends would not like it.  (In the past she had negative experiences inviting people to various events organized by Christians.)   At the end of the EC she was so impressed by the teachers and the atmosphere that she wanted to know more about our mission among students and how she could be involved.  I met with the three of them and talked about our vision and how they can share the Gospel using the 4 Spiritual Laws booklet.  Ana told me that she will dedicate some time to the ministry of God to reach others for Christ and that she will think about 5 people to share the Gospel with.  Diana and Loredana said that they will pray and let me know about their involvement.  Each of these three girls has an amazing story of how they came to Christ, and I am grateful for the chance to meet them during EC.  I am waiting to see what will happen next and how they will start to share Christ in their high school.”

Masha added,“Several weeks ago two of our friends, Steve & Uncle Bill, came to Moldova to help us organize a great Discussion Club in English!  All Moldovan students want to learn English better!  About 40 students came to EC every day during the week for three hours.  We had great discussions about important things in life – anxiety & fear, leadership, good & evil, time and conflict – from a Biblical perspective.  That was new for them, but they were open to read the Bible stories and discuss them.  Praise the Lord!  Natalia and I became friends during the EC discussions.  It was so interesting how she found out about it.  She had decided to go to the USA this summer as part of the Work and Travel program and was asking other students how she could improve her English. They told her about us (even though most students don’t know we are doing EC’s) and she came.  This was a work of God! – He is leading everyone to know Him.  She told me that she was smiling on the way home after the first day of EC - it is unusual for we Moldovans to smile J.  Natalia understood that this EC was just what she was looking for – a good atmosphere where she could hear more about important things in her life and learn English for free.  After EC was over I met with her personally and shared the Gospel with her.  She is very open, but didn't believe in Jesus yet.  She knows that God gave her the opportunity to meet us and to help her know Him.  She wants to know God so please pray for her!”

On the way home Steve & Uncle Bill stopped briefly in Istanbul, TURKEY to investigate the possibility of doing EC’s there and to visit with some students who had been in Ocean City, MD during the summer of 2013.

Please pray for Steve & Uncle Bill as they head to Iasi, ROMANIA on Saturday 14 March for a two-week EC.  About 150 students have already registered J

Thanks for your friendship, encouragement, prayers and financial support.

Steve & Shelia                                         12 March 2015 


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