GOD also enabled us to have 18 special cultural activities usually involving food: 3 pool parties; 2 nature cruises aboard the Angler; 1 progressive dinner in the homes of 3 American families; 3 trips to Assateague Island National Seashore (once to fly kites, once to view phytoplankton via  digital microscopes, but always for a bonfire with s’mores); 2 rounds of mini golf; 3 afternoons of water sports (swimming from the pontoon boat, tubing & jet skis); a visit to the Salisbury, MD zoo with picnic; 2 special English classes; and our 4th annual talent show!

During the summer many students experienced the love of GOD, hundreds heard the Gospel, and at least three committed their lives to Christ.  Steve had the privilege of assisting Pastor Sean of OC Baptist Church in baptizing 4 students (2 of our Student Volunteers & 2 of these new believers) along with his 5 year old daughter.  It was awesomeJ  We also captured contact information for about 250 students from 25 nations.

We could not have done this without your prayers, encouragement and financial support, and the incredible partnership with local businesses, churches/ministries, and a growing number of adult volunteers.  Thank you all so much!

Steve & Shelia              19 Sept 2014

Please pray for Steve, his brother Uncle Bill and our colleague Steve Adkins as they travel to Kiev, Ukraine on Saturday 20 Sept to help teach a two-week English Club from Monday 22 Sept-Friday 3 Oct.  More than 300 students expressed interest in attending. 


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