From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon about 35 of us attended a weekend retreat in the mountains around picturesque Suncuius.  Most of us traveled by train for about two hours to get there.  I led English Club sessions on music & character, the CRU staff team leader Mihai shared his testimony and led a session on personality types using DiSC materials, Steve & Cami (an American missionary couple serving in Bucharest) shared their story of being called by GOD to work with orphans & street kids in Romania, AND we did lots of activities. Uncle Bill excelled at playing "mafia."  

Each of the 30 students / young professionals was placed in one of 4 groups / teams with an American (Steve, Cami, Uncle Bill or me).  Throughout the weekend we competed in lots of events and activities by teams.  On Saturday afternoon we hiked almost non-stop for six-hours to explore the longest cave in Romania and climb to the top of the mountain pass while "making" team photos all along the way on about 20 unusual topics.  It was a challenging test for my new knees (especially considering that the paths were covered with wet leaves) but GOD was very gracious and enabled me to stay on my feet throughout:)

We had great food, lots of fun, and the students heard the Gospel and bonded with each other and the Americans.  Please pray as we seek to build on the momentum this week and as I share my personal testimony tonight (Monday) and as Uncle Bill shares his story tomorrow (Tuesday).  Thanks again for partnering with us in prayer!


for Uncle Bill & the rest of the team

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