The weekend retreat in the mountains of Voronet, ROMANIA was incredible.  We departed from the bus into 4-6 inches of freshly fallen snow on that first day of spring.  Everything was so beautiful and the 35 students who joined us were excited.  Over the weekend we had two English Club sessions (good vs evil & money), six delicious meals, numerous random snowball battles, the chance to visit two 15th-century monasteries, ride a horse, play board games, basketball, volleyball, and football (once we shoveled ALL of the snow off of the field) AND experience the American party during which Sierra had the privileged of sharing how a personal relationship with Jesus has changed her life.  It was a great time together seeing GOD at work in the minds and hearts of these students :)


We so appreciate your partnership through prayer.  Tonight about 6:45 pm local time (lunch time on the EAST COAST) I will be sharing how I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus while a student in the university so please pray that GOD will use my story in the lives of those students in our class.  Thanks! 

Steve for Sierra & Uncle Bill

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