Steve Adkins, Uncle Bill & I all arrived safely on Sunday and jumped right into an orientation meeting for English Club (EC) Kiev.  There were 415 university students who registered on-line, 290 of them attended the orientation / evaluation time and 215 were accepted and placed in one of the 9 classes.  Steve Adkins is teaching one of the 5 intermediate level classes, Uncle Bill upper intermediate and I have the advanced level class.  There is also a beginner class and a lower intermediate group.

We have had several issues to work through but by and large things are going well.  Our hotel, food and health have all been great.  Please pray that we will excel as teachers of English and that GOD will work in the lives of each of these students as we read and discuss a Bible passage each night and as we seek to demonstrate the love of Jesus in the classroom.  Thanks for partnering with us. 

Steve for the team

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