We thank GOD that all 11 of our Student Volunteers are now with us here in Ocean City, MD :)  Marta arrived first on 5 May and Laura arrived last on 5 July - 6 Romanians & 5 Ukrainians - 6 girls & 5 boys.  We also had 3 CRU staff from Moldova with us in June; we currently have 2 Romanian CRU staff with us and 1 CRU Staff & 2 Volunteers from Kazakhstan are scheduled to arrive tonight.  It is a BIG team. 


Thus far we have had 11 Coffee House / English Club meetings with an average of 30-35 International Students.  Each time we have read and discussed a miracle or parable of Jesus, and during each of the last 4 meetings someone has shared the testimony / story of how they entered into a personal relationship with GOD through Jesus.  We continue to offer special cultural activities on a weekly basis and attend various free meals provided by local churches and ministries.  During all of these things we seek to engage students in spiritual conversations, so please pray that GOD will guide us to those who are open and receptive.  If you visit our site you will see lots of photos and learn more about our events www.studentoc.wordpress.com 

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer.  Soon we will share about some specific needs and opportunities here in OC. 

Steve & Shelia for the team


Steve with mini golf foursome   Shelia leading discussion groupShelia leading discussion group

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