Things have been going well thus far.  We have had 5 Coffee House / English Club (CH-EC) meetings with an average of 25-30 International Students each time.  In addition, we had 10 students go with us to the Salisbury zoo followed by a church picnic and 21 students go to Assateague Island National Seashore for kite flying, picnic & bonfire.


Students from Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, etc have attended our CH-EC meetings and special cultural activities.  One highlight occurred during CH-EC this past Monday evening 15 June. Our topic was travel and we were discussing the story Jesus told about the good Samaritan from Luke chapter 10 when a group of 11 students from Mongolia walked in.  Only GOD . . .

Please pray that the Mongolians and the others will return to CH-EC tonight and also attend our first pool party this Friday evening 19 June.  Three of our Student Volunteers (Daniel, Iemima & Stefan) are scheduled to have visa interviews at the US Embassy in Bucharest, Romania on Friday 19 June, plus Ionela was granted a visa there last Thursday but she has not gotten her passport yet because the US Dept of State is experiencing technical problems with visa systems.  We know that GOD is much bigger so please pray that HE will enable all 4 of them to come to Ocean City next week.

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer:)  We'll introduce you to more of our International Staff Team next time. 

Steve & Shelia for the team


wild animals at Salisbury zoo


Uncle Bill's discussion group


Steve with the Mongolians


flying kites at Assateague

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