I-55 English Club strategy

Since most of the International Students may never have the chance to visit America, our desire is to go to them with the same objectives. Many students want to improve their English proficiency so we seek to help meet this felt need through a one or two-week conversational English club in conjunction with local Campus Crusade for Christ, International campus teams.

Each day of English club we have a different theme/topic. During the first hour we begin with an ice breaker and then continue with vocabulary, idioms and discussion. In the second hour we read and discuss a parable or miracle of Jesus related to the daily theme. Normally, we are able to spend time with students outside of class sightseeing, visiting museums, bowling, eating out, etc.

I55 English Club2


Sometimes we also do weekend retreats but we always have an American party. Teachers usually have a chance to share how they came to know Jesus sometime during the English club. Several students have come to know Jesus during the follow up process. Thus far these English clubs have taken place in:

  • Kiev, UKRAINE x 8

  • Cluj, ROMANIA x 6

  • Iasi, ROMANIA x 6

  • Astana, Kazakhstan x 4

  • Bucharest, ROMANIA x 2

  • Chisinau, MOLDOVA x 1

  • L'Viv UKRAINE x 1

  • Sofia, BULGARIA x 1

  • Varna, BULGARIA x 1

More are scheduled in the future.

Why not join us?  Warning: your life may change! 

I55 English Club

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